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Episode 4: Robotics in the World of Medicine with Corey Ryan

Corey Ryan, Director of Medical Robotics for KUKA Robotics, joined Orange Intelligenz to discuss the evolution and current advancements of robotics in the medical industry.


KUKA’s LBR Med, for example, is a collaborative robot for medical applications ideally suited for a wide range of assistance systems in medical technology.

Orange Intelligenz Episode 4 - Corey Ryan & Medical Robotics
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A growing acceptance of robots in the medical space is what has allowed for the growth of these collaborative robots.

Corey Ryan, Director of Medical Robots, KUKA Robotics North America
Today’s medical professionals utilize robots to enhance procedures and do things they could not do without robotic assistance. Force controls integrated into the robots prevent intentional and unintentional contact with people.
“We have a flexible and configurable safety concept so that safety requirements can be set based on the application and the current activities versus a singular safety system found in an industrial setting,” Ryan said.
With KUKA’s intuitive robot system, used for minimally invasive surgeries, doctors can prolong their careers because the system reduces body fatigue and minimizes hand tremors by filtering them out.
Corey Ryan 2020 headshot

You want to keep your best and most experienced surgeons working as long as you can.

Corey Ryan, Director of Medical Robots, KUKA Robotics North America

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