KUKA Lasrobot

KUKA robots for arc welding

KUKA welding robots stand for maximum productivity and optimal welding quality – with the lowest operating costs and simplest operator control.

KUKA welding robots: path accuracy and quality in the spotlight

  • Simplest operator control
    The intuitive user interface on the high-resolution touch screen of the KUKA smartPAD in conjunction with the KUKA.ArcTech software enables the fast creation of reliable welding programs. The programmers are supported by simple and clearly structured weld commands.
  • Quality resulting from extreme accuracy of the weld seam
    Due to the outstanding path accuracy of our robots, there is no need for complicated reworking – regardless of whether the welding process involved is MIG/MAG, TIG, plasma or a special welding process. The optional KUKA.TRACC TCP offers the additional possibility of automatically monitoring the torch TCP in the production cycle and updating it if required. This ensures that every seam is welded where it is required.
  • Utmost productivity
    The high axis velocities and the infinitely rotating axis six of our robots ensure particularly low cycle times because the duration of unproductive motions between the weld seams is thus minimized. The excellent repeatability of the stable robot arms ensures accurate positioning at the start of the weld seam without overshoot. KUKA.RoboTeam and ArcTech Advanced enable multiple robots to work on a component simultaneously, thus significantly boosting productivity.
  • Lowest operating costs
    The mechanical systems of our robots are characterized by extremely long maintenance intervals of the gear units and maintenance-free robot cable sets. Together with the energy-efficient KR C4 controller, this ensures minimal operating costs.

MIG/MAG welding of automotive components with KUKA robots

Two KUKA robots weld the instrument panel for the Mercedes Sprinter.

Strong KUKA partners for arc welding

Our robots achieve the best possible welding quality with the appropriate welding equipment from our strong partners such as Fronius, Kemppi, Miller, Lorch, Lincoln, EWM, SKS, ESAB and Migatronic.

The welding equipment is connected to the robot controller quickly and easily via a field bus interface, such as EtherCAT (present in every KR C4 controller). In this way, the full range of functions is available to the operator at all times.

KUKA Lasrobot
KUKA robots weld bicycle frames in a Russian factory.

Sensor systems for welding applications

No matter how complex the welding task, KUKA has the right software package: KUKA.TouchSense and KUKA.SeamTech Finding, for example, can be used to determine the exact position of the workpiece or seam prior to welding. In conjunction with KUKA.ArcSense and KUKA.SeamTech Tracking, the sensors correct the robot motion during the weld operation in real time.
KUKA Lasrobot
A KUKA robot welds with pin-point accuracy at EADS using KUKA.SeamTech Tracking.

KUKA Roboter: specialists for arc welding

Our product portfolio of robots for arc welding covers reaches from 700 to 3,102 millimeters with payload capacities from 5 to 22 kilograms in two designs: in-line wrist robots and hollow-shaft robots.

    The robots of the KR Agilus series can be used to implement the smallest welding cells without compromising on weld quality and flexibility.
    The specialized process robots open up new dimensions in arc welding: due to their special design, they can bridge long distances and have a large workspace to the rear and a long downward reach.
    Our KR CYBERTECH ARC robots are specialists for continuous-path applications such as arc welding and the application of adhesives and sealants. The offer high performance and power density with low costs. In the KR CYBERTECH ARC nano variant, the robots with a hollow-shaft arm and wrist have an ergonomic design with minimized disruptive contours that ensures continuous-path motion at the very highest level – even in particularly confined spaces inside workpieces and fixtures.
    The KR CYBERTECH family offers the largest range of models in the low payload category. CYBERTECH robots can be used to implement space-saving cell concepts – with top performance and particularly low follow-up costs.
  • KR 30 L16
    With its long, streamlined arm, this robot is the perfect tool for welding particularly large workpieces.

ready2_arc: On your marks, get set, weld!

KUKA robots exploit their strengths to the full with the corresponding welding equipment from our strong partners. That is why we have developed ready2_use – coordinated packages with preconfigured components. KUKA ready2_arc is the optimal package for your projects in the field of arc welding. With the preconfigured automation solution that is easy to implement, you receive a perfectly coordinated package consisting of KUKA welding robots and custom-tailored power source components – all from a single source and ready for start-up in the shortest possible time.

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